Create your Data Story

Email Us to Create a Dashboard Automatically!

Attach your Excel, CSV or SPSS file and send an email to
and we will mail your link to the dashboard.

More files? .. no problem

Drag & Drop Excel, CSV or SPSS files and create dashboards in minutes

Make it Look like Yours

Upload your own logos and theme your dashboards based on your own branding


Mobile Enabled

You could go straight to your dashboard url on your mobile device or you could download our native IOS or Android Applicaiton to access view your dashboard.

Filters & Drilldowns

Setup filters or drilldowns for any field you want and dynamically interact with your Dashboard through Pre-set filters and drilldowns OR by clicking on a specific element in the chart.

Dynamic Infographics

On top of all basic chart types supported we have Infographic type Visualizations which makes your Dashboard more sexier by calling out certain attributes like Gender, Income, Likes etc through Infographic styled visuals

Monetize your Data

You have clients who are ready to pay for the dashboard and data. Charge them what you think is appropriate.

Email to Dashboard

Email attaching your Excel, CSV or SPSS file and create a dashboard automatically.

Change Layout

We support multiple layouts for our dashbards - 1 column, 2 column or 3 column layouts



Analyze data using cross tabs and apply statistical functions - like regression analysis , correlation etc

Secure Dashboards


Setup individual password protected dashboards different from your login


Upload multiple version of the data and compare datasets (slices) based on different dimensions


Create Tabs to group related charts together to help with creating a better presentation.

Empty Value Management

Empty Value Management

You can replace empty or null data and make your charts look better

Sorting datasets

Sorting and Grouping

Sort data as with functions like Top 10, Top 5 ascending and descending. Group multivariables in one stacked chart.

Compare Datasets

Side by side comparison

You can create charts which have two datasets to do a side by side comparison. E.g. Age and Salary in a Grouped bar chart

Chart Types Supported

Many Chart Types

All basic chart types supported (Pie, Bar, Line) and more advanced charts like U.S Map, Stacked Bar Charts, Donut, Highlights are included

Data slides

Data Slides

You could selectively arrange your raw data elements so that you can present it better when you do drilldowns

What's coming up?

Each chart can be downloaded into individual Powerpoint slides. All images can be downloaded separately.

We are adding new analytic functions which you can visualize in our unique visualizing elements.

Sample Dashboards