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Step #1 - Download our Excel Template

Download the sample excel template file from HERE.

Step #2 - Update the content for your Startup

FREE Saas Dashboard Live for iPad, Android and Web You can modify value or add additional rows to the excel sheet.

Step #3 - Send the file as an attachment with a secret command in the subject line #copy [291] to

The command in the subject line helps us identify the dashboard template which you want to view the data with. **Important: The subject line should contain the text #copy [291] to copy the correct dashboard template. Free Excel Saas Dashboard Template

Step #4 - Wait for an email from us - you should get one in under a minute.

Email reply with Link to your Dashboard The email will contain a link to your dashboard.

Why do you need this ?

Your key metrics for your SaaS company is in many different systems . Your web marketing metrics is probably in Google Analytics, your financial data is probably in a system like Quickbooks, your Time tracking is in a different system. It is extremely hard for your CEO to get a big picture of what's happening in his Startup and neither does he or even you have the time or money to build a dashboard from scratch to get the weekly pulse of the company.

Frequently asked Questions

Question : Don't I have to login to see the dashboard?

Answer : You will be automatically emailed a link to your dashboard which you can view.

Question : What if I really want a password so that my startup data is not seen by people outside the company?

Answer : For the FREE dashboard we don't provide password protection, but you can upgrade and get security enabled for your dashboards. See pricing information here.

Question : Help me understand, I have to collect the information from different systems (like google analytics) and manually type into the Excel ? Why can't you automate that ?

Answer : Our key objective for the initial release was to get a useful dashboard FAST being agnostic of where the data came from. We know there are companies who connect to different APIs but they charge a shit load of money too. But we are not stopping you from automating the creation of the excel file. To be honest, we will build the APIs if you folks are ready to pay for it ;).

Question : What metrics do you cover in your SaaS dashboard?

Answer :The top 5 key metrics we use for our company on a weekly basis are :

  1. Visitors and Signups
  2. Paying Customers
  3. Monthly Recurring Revenue
  4. Customer Acquisition Cost
  5. Cash

Question : The data is aggregated in weeks in the template your provided, any reason why you are tracking weekly ?

Answer : We don't believe in obsessively watching metrics everyday. We plan for the week and execute daily. There are some metrics we look at on a daily basis like Visitors. To monitor our company's progress we will believe in weekly metrics. Again, its up to your organization / company on what you think is the right aggregation level. We know some companies who even do this on a monthly basis.

Question : Can I drill down to daily statistics ?

Answer : We don't have drilldown enabled yet but we are planning to add that feature in the next couple of weeks. Again, this would mean you will have to store data in days in your excel document instead of weeks. The real question is - is it worth the effort at that point. We think this would have to be automatically sourced (API driven) at that point.

Saas KPI Description

This SaaS Startup KPI Dashboard contains Metrics we use on a Weekly basis to monitor our startup growth.

The top 5 key metrics we use for our company on a weekly basis are :

  1. Vistors and Signups
  2. Paying Customers
  3. Monthly Recurring Revenue
  4. Customer Acquisition Cost
  5. Cash

Visitors and Signups

The key is to let the outside world know you exist and this is the first set of data we look at on a weekly basis.

Paying Customers

This metric helps you understand how many signups are converting to paid customers.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Our current model doesn't charge the customer every month but instead charges for datasets which cross a size threshold. But most SaaS companies the metrics below applies because of their subsrciption model:

*Please note that the y-axis above is in ($)

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

The lower the CAC, the better. But to get a boost to your customer base you need to spend money on marketing and sales

We usually use a blended CAC (the amount of money spent on marketing and sales for each signup).In the chart below, we have done something unique - we have added a secondary y-axis to show how many months it takes to recover that CAC $s.


How much money do you have?. What is the run-rate?. Those are answered by the chart below.

Related Features

Dynamic Infographics

On top of all basic chart types supported we have Infographic type Visualizations which makes your Dashboard more sexier by calling out certain attributes like Gender, Income, Likes etc through Infographic styled visuals

Filters & Drilldowns

Setup filters or drilldowns for any field you want and dynamically interact with your Dashboard through Pre-set filters and drilldowns OR by clicking on a specific element in the chart.


Upload multiple version of the data and compare datasets (slices) based on different dimensions


Create Tabs to group related charts together to help with creating a better presentation.

Empty Value Management

Empty Value Management

You can replace empty or null data and make your charts look better

Sorting datasets

Sorting and Grouping

Sort data as with functions like Top 10, Top 5 ascending and descending. Group multivariables in one stacked chart.

You have other Analytic ideas?

If you have other ideas on what analytic functions to add to your dashboard. Please feel free to post it here. If you need support with the feature, please post it here.